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3 (superstitious) Idiots: Sourav, Aamir, Sachin

March 7, 2010

In addition to cricket, I am also a big fan of Aamir Khan, an innovative and phenomenal Bollywood actor/director/producer, and the only one, IMO, who’s maintained some sort of standard in Bollywood. I don’t really watch Bollywood movies (except for the rare, supposedly good ones — which are mostly Aamir Khan movies) but yesterday I had the chance to see his latest movie, 3 Idiots (which is quite good BTW). Aamir obviously cares about education (remember Taare Zameen Par?) and a lot of the message of that movie, he sincerely believes. Since this is a cricket blog, I won’t get anymore into it. But, while looking it up online, I found that before the movie premiered, Aamir travelled to many places in India under disguise. One of those places was Kolkata, where he went to Sourav Ganguly’s home under disguise to try and meet him and get his autograph, but was turned away.

He had set it up to meet him in the evening regardless.

Now Aamir is a huge cricket fan (remember Lagaan?), and so the topic of cricket (and inevitably Tendulkar) obviously came up. And kindly presented me the opportunity to blog about Aamir here. 🙂

I’ll refrain from extolling Aamir here (at least, not any further), but if you want to know more about him, head over to his blog. If you want to see videos from his trip across India, go here.


Celebrity Cricket

February 22, 2010

Ran into this video (don’t ask me how) of Daniel Radcliffe professing his love of cricket. He seems mature beyond his years. Or have I just gotten that old now?

Here’s a link to the video.

Not again…

January 31, 2010

Just heard about Afridi’s misdeed on the field: the odd, never-before-heard-of biting-the-ball incident.

One thing is clear to me here, Afridi is a cheat. And as long as he thinks he will get away with it, he will do anything. Does anybody remember the pitch tampering incident?

And, of course, these are only the times that he was caught. In light of that other incident, the ban of two Twenty20 games for this offense seems too light. Yet, Kamran Abbasi thinks he’s still Pakistan’s best choice for captain. I beg to differ, of course. However good a leader or charismatic a person he may be, he’s not fit to lead for the same reason Jeff Skilling was never fit to lead Enron: the complete lack of ethics.

Edit: There’s been a lot of talk about ball tampering not being a big deal, and that it should perhaps even be legalized to give the bowlers an even chance against the modern bats. That’s an entirely different topic that I am not going to get into. My point is simply that as it stood in that game, only bowlers from one side were getting an unfair advantage, and hence it is flagrant cheating and a big deal.

IPL Ad – Season 2

April 6, 2009

The second season of IPL is upon us. And I came across these ads from Sony Max, the broadcaster of IPL in India. Good stuff.

All hail Ajantha Mendis

July 6, 2008

The Asia Cup final is going on right now and Mendis has turned the game on its head. India were coasting at 76/1 after 9 overs. Now, it is 98/5 from 16. Currently, Mendis’ figures read 4-0-8-4. That’s 4 overs, 8 runs, 4 wickets. I’d heard a lot about this 23-year-old gem that Sri Lanka discovered, and finally I got to see him in action today. It seems it was also the first time for the Indian batsmen. Frankly, I’m quite disappointed the way they handled him (it seems they hadn’t done their research on him), but this post is not about India. It’s about Mendis. And what he can do for cricket.

Cricket will be that much more interesting because of him. I can’t wait to see Tendulkar play Mendis. India has some of the finest players of spin (Tendulkar, Dravid, Laxman), and Mendis playing a Test against them is a mouth-watering aspect. Or even the Aussies. I am anxiously looking forward to these contests. They should be thrilling. Looking at the cricket schedule, India is touring Sri Lanka at the end of this month. What good timing. What might have been a drab series, at least to me, now has become very interesting. Let’s hope Tendulkar is fit and back in the Indian team by that time.

For those that haven’t seen Mendis, here’s a short video of the buzz he created when he first joined the Sri Lankan national team to play against the West Indies.

Cricket in NYC

June 1, 2008

I like to mine YouTube once in a while for new cricket videos. And this is what I found on my latest treasure hunt.

The most dangerous ball in sports

May 15, 2008

Fox Sports (USA) went on a mission to find the most dangerous ball in sports and ended up finding that it was the cricket ball (although the ball in baseball can be just as lethal). Watch for yourself.

Dangerous Balls
Sport Science: Dangerous Balls


March 30, 2008


A good collection of catches

March 30, 2008

They’re not the best 25 all-time catches as the video claims, but it’s a pretty good collection nonetheless.


December 28, 2006

Everybody knows of New Zealand’s shameless run out of Muralitharan. Charlie Austin picked it as his worst moment of 2006. I won’t elaborate on that anymore. Here’s the video for those that did not see it.

My question is this: isn’t there a rule saying a batsman can only be run out when he’s attempting a run? If Murali clearly wasn’t attempting another run, shouldn’t he have been adjudged not out?