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This means war

September 29, 2010

Last week’s Ask Steven on Cricinfo had this interesting tidbit.

“Good Lord! This means war!” What event in 1939 apparently convinced an MCC member that the Second World War had begun? asked Mike Jones from Chelmsford

The story goes that one day in September 1939, some members in the Long Room at Lord’s spotted a workman removing the bust of WG Grace that used to be on display there, intending to put it into safe storage. According to the member you’ve quoted, that could only mean one thing: the Second World War had started.


All-time World XI

September 29, 2010

Cricinfo is going to be picking an all-time world XI for Test cricket. And they’re asking you to submit your picks. Go here.

Here’s the team I picked:
World XI

Go pick your team and come share it here.

BTW, surprisingly, Ponting is not listed among the middle-order batsmen. I didn’t have room to pick him in my team anyways, but I’m very surprised at such a glaring omission. I’m sure they will realize it and fix it soon enough.