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Test Cricket

August 12, 2010

One of my favorite cricket writers, Peter Roebuck, just wrote this insightful article: The enduring charm of Test cricket. A must-read for his wonderful writing skills, if not the obvious (to all but the cricket authorities) conclusion.


UDRS Interrupted

August 11, 2010

I’ve been a proponent of UDRS since before it existed. And now that it’s here, I’m saddened to see many struggle to use it wisely, and yet others reject it outright. So, here’s my memo to all the cricket captains in the world.

Do not overthink UDRS. Do not try to exploit it; do not try to avoid it out of fear or your own inability to come to terms with it. Use it for what it is: a way to overturn ghastly decisions, not marginal ones. This means that most LBW decisions do not qualify for a review. Only when one is certain that a decision was wrong should the review system be used. Our current technology may still fail to reprieve you. Live with it. That’s why you have two reviews available per innings; the chances of technology failing you twice in one innings are significantly lower than once. On the other hand though, don’t just use those reviews because the innings is about to end anyways. It’s okay to have unused reviews when the inning ends. If all of you follow these modest guidelines, nearly all really bad decisions will be eliminated. And that is all that everybody wants. I repeat, we’re not trying to change the marginal decisions that could’ve gone one way or the other.

There was an outcry among the Indians during The Sydney Test. It all seems a bit rich now that they’re rebuffing UDRS. And why’re they doing so? Because the technology didn’t work in their favor the last time they were visiting Sri Lanka, which was a couple of years ago. The Indian think-tank has failed to comprehend that the system is not here to benefit anybody, but to justly reward whoever played better. UDRS did not outshow the Indians; the Sri Lankans outplayed them. It made for better cricket. As would have the Sydney test, had the UDRS been in use then. Thankfully, UDRS is not upto the whims of the Indians, and is here to stay. Sometimes I think Sehwag is the only guy in this team with a proper head on his shoulders (and not just because, unlike the rest of his team, he wants UDRS). Hopefully, he can convince the rest of his mates.

Tendulkar and sweeping are not the best of mates

August 8, 2010

That is all.