Not again…


Just heard about Afridi’s misdeed on the field: the odd, never-before-heard-of biting-the-ball incident.

One thing is clear to me here, Afridi is a cheat. And as long as he thinks he will get away with it, he will do anything. Does anybody remember the pitch tampering incident?

And, of course, these are only the times that he was caught. In light of that other incident, the ban of two Twenty20 games for this offense seems too light. Yet, Kamran Abbasi thinks he’s still Pakistan’s best choice for captain. I beg to differ, of course. However good a leader or charismatic a person he may be, he’s not fit to lead for the same reason Jeff Skilling was never fit to lead Enron: the complete lack of ethics.

Edit: There’s been a lot of talk about ball tampering not being a big deal, and that it should perhaps even be legalized to give the bowlers an even chance against the modern bats. That’s an entirely different topic that I am not going to get into. My point is simply that as it stood in that game, only bowlers from one side were getting an unfair advantage, and hence it is flagrant cheating and a big deal.


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