Tendulkar vs Ponting (Part II)


My first post about these two batting greats was three years ago to the month, and it still continues to attract an audience. So, I decided it was time for an update.

Here are the current career stats for both:

Mat Inns Runs Avg 100s
Sachin Tendulkar 159 260 12773 54.58 42
Ricky Ponting 131 221 10960 56.20 37

And here are their stats since April 2006 (ie, since the last post).

Matches Runs Batting Avg. Centuries
Sachin Tendulkar 27 2304 51.20 7
Ricky Ponting 26 2168 49.27 6

Nearly identical stats. Both Tendulkar and Ponting struggled with injuries but are now back. There was talk 3 years ago that Tendulkar would fade away and Ponting would take over the world record for the most number of Test centuries. Neither has happened. Ponting was playing tremendously around 2005/06, but since has returned to more earthly form, allowing Tendulkar to keep pace (and even pull ever so slightly ahead).

Ponting is slightly younger than Tendulkar and hence people have been conjecturing that Ponting will be ahead when both men put their bats away. However, both might still end up playing for about the same amount of time. Tendulkar has not mentioned anything about retiring and it feels like he wants to just carry on as long as he can. Given that he is ahead at the moment, I would say that he’ll most likely be ahead when they both retire.

We’ll have to wait a few more years to get the answer. Until then let’s enjoy the last few years of both these batsmen.


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14 Responses to “Tendulkar vs Ponting (Part II)”

  1. anony Says:

    tendulkar does not play tests until end of the year. though he will play bangladesh and can get some cheap runs.
    ponting has 5/6 tests in the summer against england.

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  3. Minor In Possession Says:

    Is this Possible for Pointing to cross Sachin.

  4. g.mcgrath Says:

    tendulkar is very suspect to my short ball, i know he is happy i retired cause he was my bunny. ricky or ‘the rickstanator’ as i call him , used to cart my short ball out of the nets regularly.(at least once a year) boy that used to piss me off. but i’m cool now.don’t get me started on that bloody churchy adam gilcrest. cheers glenn.

  5. cricetbuzz Says:

    Stop wasting your Time on this unhealthy Discussion

    What is the benefit you get by discussing this

    Got to spend more time with things which ar useful in your life

  6. Amit Says:

    I never saw God, then I saw him wearing a 14 number jersey and batting for Australia

  7. DN Says:

    Tendulkar vs Ponting is a non starter. Tendulkar plays for (and always has) a team with the worst bowling lineup whereas Ponting’s bowlers were the best. Tendulkar has thus faced stiffer opposition while batting than Ponting. The weight of expectations also considerably greater. Inspite of all that Tendulkar is always ahead of Ponting in Tests, where there can be a slight degree of comparison ( 47 tons to 39, 13.5 k runs to 12 and same average of 55.5) One forgets that tendulkar has also, by the way, scored 17,000 runs and 44 centuries in ODIs, head and shoulders above ponting. Thus even statistically, Ponting is nowhere close. There is a gap of 6000 international runs and 20 centuries, a gap which takes many careers and lifetimes to fill.
    And going by the way Ponting has been reacting to Kemar Roach (jumping like glenn’s bunny) the gap, if not increasing, will be there to stay.

  8. TRex Says:

    To me the answer can be a simple one liner – Ponting has been bowlers’ pet bunny, but Tendulkar has never given any bowler that comfort. Harbhajan and Ishant quickly come to mind and these are not even the best! There has been no bowler on earth that has toyed with Tendulkar like Harbhajan and Ishant have done with Ponting. Beginning with Shane Warne to Brett Lee, every bowler has paid his dues to Tendulkar. No batsman (or any sportsman) can be called the greatest if he is somebody’s bunny – same goes with Federer who is Nadal’s bunny. With this token I would rate Rod Laver higher.

  9. BUbai Says:

    Ponting’s pants come off in turning tracks,and tries his best to stay away from spinners.He is no more than an arrogant bunny.He did well against England as he plays the same kind
    of bowlers like caddick etc in a dumb series you call the Ashes.And averages dont mean everything.Do you mean Kallis is better han lara?Recently the false reputation of being the best puller came off as he surrendered meekly to kemar Roach {throughout the series},a bowler nobody heard off before then….popped up the short balls to short fine leg. He has been the bunny of many bowlers.

  10. carl fletch Says:

    30/11/10. Ponting has become England’s B**ch. Being well ridden, he must be sore from the experience. Despite their assertions to the contrary; when the chips are down Aussies are “all c**k and no b*lls” since they have never had to face any sort of national catastrophe and so have no understanding of how to overcome TRUE adversity.

  11. Rob Low Says:

    Michael or Michaela, as he is known in the Aussie dressing room has no chance against the Poms. Probably feels depressed since Shane is no longer there to finish him off during the post-match celebrations.

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