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The most dangerous ball in sports

May 15, 2008

Fox Sports (USA) went on a mission to find the most dangerous ball in sports and ended up finding that it was the cricket ball (although the ball in baseball can be just as lethal). Watch for yourself.

Dangerous Balls
Sport Science: Dangerous Balls



May 15, 2008

Recently (as in, the last decade), some prominent cricket celebrities have suggested that the fielder should not be penalized for hitting the stumps, and that the ball should be considered dead when it hits the stumps. That’s been a bit controversial and the snail-paced ICC hasn’t made any decision about that. It seems fair enough to me.

But really it’s not the fielder that is being penalized; it’s the bowler. I don’t think anybody would disagree with me when I say that the overthrows should not count as runs against the bowler, but as extras. I believe this is a simple (read: not controversial) and fair rule change.