Time to demystify another term. What exactly is a chinaman? I’m not quite sure, but my guess would a left-arm off-spinner’s doosra? Any of you know?


16 Responses to “Chinaman”

  1. ClannZĂș Says:

    Chinaman is a left-arm spinner turning the ball from off to leg. Brad Hogg of Australia is a chinaman bowler. See wikipedia for more :

  2. Amar Says:

    In simple terms, it’s a left-arm leg spinner.

  3. sukhi Says:

    I think its a left-arm leg spinner too. Heard it first when Paul Adams came onto the scene.

  4. S Jagadish Says:

    Sobers bowled left arm unorthodox too!

  5. Amar Says:

    So did Michael Bevan…

  6. Angshuman Says:

    A recent chinaman bowler cited: Dave Mohammad of West Indies

  7. Nagraj Says:

    nice to know more abt chinaman!

  8. Pratik Says:

    Aah, that raises an important point. So, the chinaman is really bowling off-spin, but he’s considered a leg-spinner? If Harbhajan bowls to a left-hander, he’s not considered a leg-spinner, so why is this? Perhaps the term chinaman was introduced to avoid all this confusion.

    Thanks for the info, everybody.

  9. Will Says:

    THe Chinaman isn’t considered a leg-spinner, he just uses the same bowling action as a leg-spinner would, ie. using his wrist to turn the ball. Harbhajan is an off spinner because he turns the ball from a right hander’s off to their leg

  10. Mike Says:

    A Chinaman is and always has been a left arm wrist spinner’s googly (i.e his wrong ‘un). Finger spinners (left or right) don’t bowl googlies, they may bowl a doorsa or other finger spin variants.
    Hence to a right handed batter the Chinaman will move (after piching) from leg to off.

  11. Sean Says:

    Chinaman is the mirror version of leg-spin – its basically a left-handed bowler version. If you’re a left-handed batsman and a Chinaman bowler comes on, you’d be facing exactly what a right-handed batsman faces against a leg spinner – a ball that starts at your leg stump and moves to off. A Chinaman’s “wrong’un” has the same movement as a Leg Spinner’s leg break, on a right-handed batsman it moves from the leg stump to the off stump.

  12. dan Says:

    left arm chinaman is not an easy but michael bevan made it look easy and brad hogg does that now

  13. dan Says:

    slow left arm bowling is very common but i can bowl both haha

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  15. rhys Says:

    well dunno what thats got to do with cricket
    anyway, i bowl left arm chinaman, but i bowl it with just my thumb and index finger. so you dont need the wrist action of a leggie to bowl it. and when i use a wrist action, its spins the opposite way, so basically i bowl googlies the whole time lol.

  16. David Dorfan Says:

    The Wikipedia article is inconsistent. It indicates that the term was coined when an English Batsman facing Achong of WI in 1933 had a ball break from off to leg when he was expecting the normal lho spin whichis from leg to off. Lho spinners are finger spinners. However, elsewhere in the article it implies it is a googly bowled by a lh unorthodox spinner, i.e. a wrist spinner. The question is which is it, a left arm spinners googly or doosra. If the latter was bowled in
    1933 then why did nobody figure out that if bowled by a right hander it would function like a doosra. If it is the doosra bowled by a left hander it would be interesting to know if Saqlain figured this out, or if he thought of it himself, or if indeed the action used by the lh finger spinners is the same as that used to bowl he doosra. As far as I can see there is no clarity on this point at all.

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