No room for Powar (Part II)

Name O M Runs W Avg. Econ.
Powar 29 1 153 4 38.25 5.27
Harbhajan 49 4 192 3 64.00 3.91
Yuvraj 6 0 27 1 27.00 4.50
Sehwag 13 0 61 1 61.00 4.69

Clearly, Powar hasn’t done anything great. His economy rate is the worst and his average is not that great either. We can easily have the part-time spinners fill in for him with little ill-effect, if any.

While he can bat a bit (ave. 6.50 from 3 innings in this series), he hasn’t done anything to show he can contribute big hits at the end. His fielding, on the other hand, is a huge liability. Simply awful. As is his fitness. If Ganguly can be dropped for his poor fielding (it wasn’t the only reason, but an important one nonetheless), then so can Powar. Hell, Kumble would be a much better pick than Powar. He would certainly bowl better, and can bat just as well.

My initial thinking was that Kaif would make way for Tendulkar when he comes back, but now I am certain it has to be Powar.

Here is Part I.


3 Responses to “No room for Powar (Part II)”

  1. Nagraj Says:

    yeah we can get much better spin bowlers than powar who can bat a bit.I dont understand why kumble is not considered.

  2. Pratik Says:

    Don’t get me wrong. I am not so much advocating a return for Kumble to ODI cricket as I am advocating the dropping of Powar.

  3. Line & Length » Blog Archive » Looking forward Says:

    […] Drop VRV – Even if Sreesanth, Pathan and Patel all fall sick before the next Test. He’s dead-weight as far as I am concerned. I was suprised when he played in the first Test, let alone the second. And his batting makes McGrath seem like a top-order batsman. Personally, I’m not impressed with Sreesanth either and can’t understand what all the hoopla surrounding him is. At best, he seems mediocre. Munaf Patel on the other hand clearly has a lot of potential and will probably be a permanent member of the Indian pace attack for the next decade. The same can’t be said about Sreesanth. And don’t even get me started on Powar. That means we need to get some bowling back-up. Agarkar, Nehra and Balaji are worth another chance. […]

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