What a game!


Quite frankly, it was a snooze-fest until we got into the last 15 overs. A brilliant knock from Yuvraj, but he faltered on the last hurdle. Windies win by a run. The problem was that Yuvraj didn’t get any support. We needed just a little bit from the tail, not much. But Agarkar and Bhajji departed tamely without helping any. Oh well. Yuvraj will be disappointed, but that doesn’t take any sheen off his wonderful, well-paced innings. Considering what happened in the penultimate over, he came back strongly in the last one. Only to…

There’s no need to panic, of course. We were bound to fail chasing sooner or later. It happens to everybody, including the Aussies. Just think of it as a blip on the radar that was enjoyable nonetheless.


2 Responses to “What a game!”

  1. Amar Says:

    It might very well turn out to be a blip on the radar but the failure of Sehwag and Kaif yet again is becoming a bother for the team. Sehwag missed a perfect opportunity to get some runs under his belt.

  2. Pratik Says:

    Well, we all know that Kaif will be replaced by Tendulkar when he eventually comes back. I hope Sehwag starts scoring some runs soon. When the bowler can’t get him out, he seems to devise ways of throwing his wicket. Anyway, I am not too worried about him.

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