India’s Kallis


In ODIs, Kaif is India’s Kallis, without the consistency of scoring runs of course. I’ve written about how he’s not suited for the ODI game before, so there’s no need to elaborate. I didn’t watch today’s game, but a look at the scorecard clearly tells you that he single-handedly put tremendous pressure on the rest of the line-up. The game shouldn’t have been nearly as close as it was.

Dravid involved in another run-out. Boy, that surely has to be his Achilles Heel.

Just as edging is Yuvraj’s. Has anybody else noticed how often he edges through the slips area? I don’t think I’ve seen a game in the past year where he hasn’t done that. Luckily for him, he won’t get four slips in ODIs. Tests are a different story though, so he’ll have to fix this problem if he hopes to do well in the longer version of the game.

PS The Sabina Park ground must be small: the scorecard says Dravid hit two sixes.


3 Responses to “India’s Kallis”

  1. sukhi Says:

    Dravid has 2 Achilles heels I’d say:

    1. His run-out record – he gets run out, doesnt run his partner out – and that for India’s current premier batsman aint good!

    2. Bowled playing across the line, on drive. I have seen him get out so many times to that, that its rather shocking. Its typically the same shot – taking a ball pitched on off or so – and directing it to mid-wicket.

  2. Nagraj Says:

    everyone wanted kaif to get out but he stuck in there and dragged it till the end for a win.

  3. Pratik Says:

    Sukhi, the difference between the two (if the second is indeed a problem) is that the first one should be much easier to correct.

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