Ponting vs Tendulkar


There was a scenario a couple of seasons ago when Warne and Murali were neck-to-neck with the most number of wickets in Test cricket. Then Murali went out for a while due to injury, and Warne took a clear lead. But Murali is much younger than Warne and hence is pipped to be holding the record when the two hang their boots.

We might have a similar scenario with Ponting and Tendulkar. The most number of Test centuries being the stat that will be contested here, of course. With 9 centuries from 14 Tests, Ponting is in the form of his life. And with 31 centuries, he’s lagging Tendulkar by only 4. He’s also 20 months younger than Tendulkar (April, 1973). Although Tendulkar is recuperating from a shoulder operation at the moment, he’s expected to be back in time for the Test series in the Caribbean next month. The progress of both the batsmen will be keenly followed by the entire cricketing world.

For an update to this topic, go here.

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44 Responses to “Ponting vs Tendulkar”

  1. kartik Says:

    I think Ponting will break his test record , within the next year or so. He is definitely in form of his life and with Tendulkar slowly fading away, Ponting will take his place. But lets hope that doesnt happen..

  2. Pratik Says:

    Tendulkar is fading away? What utter nonsense!

  3. SLICK Says:

    ROFLMAO…….ricky ponting would beat tendulkars record by a long shot………tendulkar is a looser, ponting is a god…….

    ponting is better then tendulkar……jsut coz ponting doenst have all that bullshit over rated talk…..doenst mean he cant be better then tendulkar……………regardless, let the statistics do the talking, ponting is well ahead

    go australia

    • Kalpesh Mehta Says:

      your thinking is wrong boss, see on paper tendulkar is god coz till date ponting doesnt get sucess to break any record of the master blaster. tendulkar is god of criket in this sentence it doesnt hv any doubt at all…

    • Abhishek Says:

      Go assole go, fucker australian, sachin is god and pointing is assole, he can never be compared to sachin.

      Hey Sachin, love you, you are the best.

  4. Bob Says:

    Form is temporary = Ponting

    Class is permanent = Tendulkar

    Ponting is a shame on Asian pitches except for a few innings. A total disaster on many occassions. Hayden’s better than Ponting.

    ROFLMAO … Ponting is a loser. The Aussie Don Bradman great himself found similarities in Tendulkar. And he was not insane.

  5. Giridhar Says:

    Sachin Tendulkar is the best batsmen in the world by stats..but ponting will no doubt beat his record soon..tendulkar after all had a 6 year head-start and ponting has almost caught upto him..so it doesnt take a genius to say that ponting is the best test batsman right now..

  6. Chicky Says:

    Just because someone will get the most runs or centuries doesn’t mean they are the best batsman.
    For example, Don Bradman. He doesn’t have the most runs or centuries and is regarded as the all-time greatest. Then there’s Viv Richards, who is similar too.
    Alan Border had the most test runs for like 11 years or something. And people were regarding Tendulkar as best back then!

    So, in my opinion, Ponting will finish with the most runs/centuries but is not the best. He has a HUGE technical flaw in his batting, and Tendulkar has no flaws, is the perfect batsman.
    So who is the best batsman? The guy who has a technical flaw or the guy who is perfect?

  7. SuperBav Says:

    Crazy guys leaving ridiculous comments in 2006, eat your words for questioning an unquestionable great, that is Tendulkar!

  8. Amit Says:

    Ponting is definitely better…

    At 121 Matches
    Tendulkar 6536
    Ponting 7079

    At 152 Matches
    Tendulkar 8211
    Ponting 8892

    Tendulkar 54.02
    Ponting 58.5

    Century Stats
    Chances of making century
    Tendulkar 15.9%
    Ponting 17.9%

    Ducks frequency
    Tendulkar 0.09
    Ponting 0.07

    Also, as a captain, Ponting has higher success rate than any captian (except Steve)
    Ponting has higher runs as top score
    Ponting has more number of not outs

  9. Amit Says:



  10. Darry Says:

    Ponting has never had to face the best bowlers in the world like Tendulkar has had to – Shane Warne and Glen McGrath, plus other Aussie bowlers who have had an excellent team momentum.

    Likewise has never had to be in front of one of the best wicket keepers – healey / gilchrist.

    Playing against these Australia in recent years must be the ultimate test of quality. unfortunatley Ponting will never get this privelege.

    Other teams may have stars but none have combined as effectively as Australia – except England when they won the Ashes a short while ago ( but they only had two or three stars).

    ponting does not have the panache that Tendulkar has even though the stats are comparable. He has an attitude that Tendulkar doesnt have which might possibly make up for some talent. This is what the Aussies are good at – bigging up what they are – and what england fail to do (except once -Ashes).

    Tendulkar may have the plaudits as best batsmans but ultimatley the best is usually the winner inany compettition. Bit like saying that Liverpool are as good as / better than Manchester ( Football that is!) but ultmately manchester Won the championship.

    All a matter of opinion. Tendulkar may be better but he may not end up tops. You cant realy compare beacuse of differnt circumstances, nainly the era, team support and quality of opponents.

    Unfortunatley for Ponting to be the best you need to play the best. Tendulkar has done this. Not many in his own team qualify as best bowlers. Ponting will always have this disadvantage.

    Why does one have to be better thann other. Just consider them both quite good with at stopping a ball with a piece of wood.

    What about Graham Gooch. He was probably the best at some aspect. Mike Gattings was being fat and still managing to cope. Beefys was best character etc etc etc etc.


  11. debashis Says:

    and moreover, how many times did actually ponting scored the higest amouont runs in any tournament, specially the world cup. never. sachin did it and does every now and then. how many man of the match awards did ponting win compared to sachin?

    tendulkar is an opening batsman in odi’s. he bats in when the bowlers are all fresh, but ponting comes when the bowlers has done a fair bit of hard work.

    ponting played under great captains like taylor and steve waugh, but sachin never played under such great captains. its nowadays that sachin gets team support, but in his earlier years it was all one man show.

  12. boby Says:

    fuck u aus
    slick u suck

  13. ashutosh Says:

    In ODI sachin is undoubtdly is no. one and i dont find any other existing player who can come closer to sachin’s records.

    but in test format ponting might leave him behind, if ponting doesn’t go thrgh bad patch like sachin had earlier…………

    if some one really want to compare both legends then look @ sachin’s 96-97 records (sharjah) then only v can get clear picture

    sachin started playing @ 16, so it itsef is acheivement, in this age people do everything with the help of their parents………..and @ 16 sachin was helping cricket………

  14. vinay Says:

    ponting is now in great form…he has recently missd a couple of centuries but nevatheless he still has da 20 mnth advantage with him and theirs a diff of 4 centuries…i think ponting shld go pass da master in a year or too and i hope he does that cause ..tendulkar changed his game with age ..i mean everybody does but to an extent…look at lara for example he never changed his game at all be it injury or age…..so ponting deserves to hold that record…

  15. Merv...the springbok Says:

    I would be very disappointed to see Ponting overtake the little master. Tendulkar has struggled with injuries, carrying the weight of a whole country on his shoulders yet breaking records in BOTH formats of the game. He ought to be remembered as THE greatest batsman of the modern era. He did all of this in a mediocre cricketing side at best, having to adjust his own game to suit the needs of his team.

    Sadly, however, we all know that Ponting will break Tendulkar’s record…it’s just matter of time. If only all those 90-99 scores could have been converted to centuries. Not that would wish injury upon anyone…but I really would like to see Ponting retire quite soon!

  16. steve Says:

    i think tendulkar is a sh**t batsman, because he just bottles it when the presure is rally on, he has hardly won games by himself unlike ponting relishs the pressure or an inzamam. my vote is ponting and sachin can go suck.

  17. steve Says:

    team india are losers. they dont know how to take a defeat.

  18. javi Says:

    steve seems like u have no clue what cricket is all about …once u get u r basics right we discuss cricket….

  19. nv Says:

    I find it funny when one compares tendulkar with ponting….one can compare him with lara, border, viv richards, not with a ponting. only a non cricketing mind would compare the far superior class of tendulkar with ponting’s. one might compare their stats though, which is not a true reflection of their class…border’s 27 (or so) centuries doesnt mean he was inferior to some who scored more tons than him….one cannot miss the massive difference in sachin’s and ricky’s batting if u have watched them closely over the years. It is easier to perform when batting with a winning / more confident team… the adv which ricky has since he started…now sachin also seems to be in a similar team..lets see…sachin will have to keep himself fit as ricky is….& thanks for ricky casing, sachin has a reason to score….

  20. gouse Says:

    RICKY PONTING will be a star than tendulkar
    he will be remain like a god of cricket


  21. vishal Says:

    tendulkar obviously great. no doubt.

  22. Tendulkar vs Ponting (Part II) « Line & Length Says:

    […] vs Ponting (Part II) By Pratik My first post about these two batting greats was three years ago to the month, and it still continues to attract […]

  23. sunit Says:

    steve must have followed cricket when his granfather played the sport with a hockey stick.. Tendulkar is the lord of the green ring and comparing him to ponting would be AN INSULT TO STATISTICS

  24. ishan Says:

    see its not only about stats its about an indivisual as well humble and subtle tendulkar wony lose his mind even if brett lee gives him a beamer or glenn mcgrath bad mouths him he replies with his bat this is what makes him god of cricket pointing onthe other hand has attitude which sucks this attitude is taking australia to doom indians showed it recently making them taste filth in their own grounds

  25. cricetbuzz Says:

    Stop wasting your Time on this unhealthy Discussion

    What is the benefit you get by discussing this

    Got to spend more time with things which ar useful in your life

  26. razmataz Says:

    its only in cricket, that we feel the greatest player is the one who has never won a world cup. Sachin has to first win the world cup for his country to be called the best.

    most of the ppl who feel sachin is the greatest, dont know much about sport in general. winning the big ones is important guys, not some one sharjah cup or some one good century in WACA in a span of 20 years.

    Ponting has done quiet a few things. If u know cricket history, i need not repeat here.

  27. IZA Says:

    Poting brought soo much good to his team and country but Sachin has failed to do that. If he were white, things would be different. No doubt he is much more consistant than Poting but, you know.

  28. rahul gr Says:

    hilarious,tyocompare somebody of sachin tendulkars calibre with ‘smart ‘ricky pointing.RICKY is simply an awesome batsmen,terrific technique and wonderfull watch,gud piler of runs too..but surely way way behind sachin tendulkar in all respect,why shud we argue on such things,rubbish.Just see the way both bat, 32000 runs in cricket and still goin…is sachin for u.ricky is almost 8k runs back…well probabaly he will hit 80 more century:))hilarious discusions…lol

  29. Dan Culverhouse Says:

    Thank you for the information provided. The best content I’ve seen in this market.

  30. pankaj singh Says:

    sachin have quality thats why he is playing 6 year before than ponting…so dont say that ponting came after sachin so its better….

  31. Nikkei agarwal Says:

    Its very shamful for cricket n sachin dat a record of 194 was settd by saeed anwar of pakistan around 15yrs back n sachin being a masterblaster took 15yrs 2 break it, normally a record is brokd in an year,if am nt wrong check it out
    sachin u worry coz I can chalange dat any1 else wil break ur record til nxt yr asper da worlds growin generation
    n wen ur compared to pointing hez better n he has lesser runs dan u coz he playd half of matchs compard 2 u

  32. ganesh g. Says:

    Mr. agarwal…. dont go by the matches they hve played……
    i agree…. that ponting has played lesser matches than sachin…. but still u got to compare the average…. ponting is way behind in average….
    that too being not out on manier occasions, he couldn’t catch up with sachin…
    that says it all….
    master was never out of the form…. it was injuries that affected his career… on the other hand, ponting has had his purple patch for the past 5-6 years…. & thats it…. look at him now…. being fully fit, he cant put up a big show….
    but i thank guys like u who always criticize sachin… its bcoz of u guys sachin has willingness to prove himself better than the best everytime….
    & sachin as we know loves to put his critics in spot of big disgrace everytime he come up with the new glory….
    take a bow lord…. & forgive ur critics… they r on a wrong path…!

  33. suresh,chennai Says:

    sir sachin is compared wit DON BRADMAN while Ricky is not even compared with Lara.. no one has rights to compare ricky wit sachin … sachin is god of cricket whereas ponting is dog of cricket.. sachin rocks.. ponting sucks

  34. Pratik Says:

    Alright guys, enough with the Ponting bashing. Tendulkar is amongst my favorite players and I rank him higher than Ponting, but Ponting is a phenomenal player in his own right. Let’s have a civilized discussion here, rather than all the name-calling.

  35. Bharatbhai Solanki Says:

    Dear Friend,

    This post were submitted in April 2006 & everyone comparing sachin with ponting. Someone was calling that ponting is near to sachin’s total run & 100 & he will break his record in next year & so. Master is suffering from injury but not the form & everyone was thinking master will get defete by ponting.. Look at the statistic now. Master has recover from the injury & kept ponting way behind..trailing by 1000 run & 4 century in 2006 still ricky trailing…even after 4 year…will he able to register his name for that record..?

    Test Record : match ing 100 Runs Average 100 per In 100/M
    Sachin 169 276 48 13837 56.02 5.75 3.52
    Ponting 146 247 39 12026 54.66 6.33 3.74

  36. akash Says:

    How dare some fools tell that ponting is better than sachin.pontig cannot be compared to sachinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  37. marthandan Says:

    SACHIN is better then ponting.Anyone can not compare to sachin because sachin is the best in the history of the cricket.sachin is the god of the cricket.

  38. Nilesh Says:

    Sachin VS Ricky: Who is better?

    Test Career Statistics
    Batsman (country) Mts Inns Notout Runs Hundreds Highest Average 50s
    Sachin Tendulkar (India) 176 288 31 14532 50 248* 56.54 59
    Ricky Ponting (Australia) 152 259 28 12363 39 257 53.51 56

    ODI Career Statistics
    Sachin Tendulkar (India) 442 431 41 17598 46 200* 45.12 93
    Ricky Ponting (Australia) 352 343 37 13082 29 164 42.75 79

  39. george Says:

    sachin comes near his best in his vintage run in 2010.

    ponting does not seem to be able to hit one more century.

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