How to take the fun out of watching a game?


Show the same couple of advertisements over and over again at the end of each over.

You know of any?


5 Responses to “How to take the fun out of watching a game?”

  1. Saurabh Says:

    Hi Parthiv,
    COuldn’t find your e-mail anywhere. Would you care to contact me at — I’d like to talk to you about writing for a blog possibly.

  2. Zainub Says:

    There’s this Pepsi add in Pakistan that has Shahid Afridi in it, when I went to the last India-Pakistan one-dayer at Karachi, I think it was showed on the big screen in the stadium more often then at the end of every over.

    Here’s how it goes:

    Afridi’s been trapped by a group of bad guys on a secret island and now they’re making clones of him, one for each international team. This other kid is suppose to rescue him after having gained his special powers by drinking Pepsi. So he drinks pepsi and then goes and frees the real Afridi and then the two of them escape together from not only the bad guys but all the numerous Afridi clones…and they have a chase in the ocean and they all run and run and run…until finally all the bad guys and the clones die. Viola! Now Afrid and the other kid jump from the water onto a little wooden basin kind of thing and drink more pepsi.

    I’ve so given on up on Pepsi after this. Rubbish add.

  3. sukhi Says:

    Sahara actually went one better – they’d cut the cricket out before you knew what was happening – Poof! And you’d see some crappy screen spouting something on Reliance (mobiles, I think).

  4. Pratik Says:

    I wonder if the Nine Network in Australia shows the same ads over and over again during breaks.

  5. kartik Says:

    No, they dont repeat the same ads over and over and generally are of shorter duration, but they do show it few times during each match.

    Also interesting thing is you want find cricketers in ads (might be one or two) and no annoying coke or pepsi ads, its only VB (Victoria Bitter) beer or Carlton Draught (: It is said that people here drink more beer than water or soft drink. However there are few Coke and Pepsi ads, but not many and without any famous cricketers.

    The most common ad is of 3 (Hutchison) mobile phone starring Gilly, also if you observe carefully they have their logos just where the fast bowlers begin their run up at MCG. I dont remember any ad that is shown as frequently as that one.

    Specially in Melbourne even though MCG is a cricket ground it is more famous here for aussies football so you hardly find any ads that have cricketers.

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