No room for Powar


It may seem harsh, but it’s quite clear to me that there’s no room in this ODI team for Powar. Even if his heart is as big as his waist, as Gavaskar claims. There are three reasons that lead me to this conclusion. First of all, his bowling is not that special. The stats back me up. Let’s take a look.

Name Mat O M R W Ave Best 4w 5w SR Econ
Harbhajan Singh 5 50 5 187 12 15.58 5-31 1 25.0 3.74
RR Powar 5 47.4 1 202 7 28.85 3-34 40.8 4.23
Yuvraj Singh 6 42 3 180 6 30.00 2-32 42.0 4.28
V Sehwag 5 12 0 57 2 28.50 2-31 36.0 4.75

Yuvraj Singh’s and Powar’s stats are almost identical. Sehwag’s are almost similar too. He hasn’t done anything that makes him stand out from the part-time twirlers. Secondly, I think the reason he has half-decent stats is because of the type of pitches he has bowled on in this series. Even Sehwag and Yuvraj have half-decent stats, clearly an indicator of the pitch. The third and most important reason is his fielding. It’s simply abysmal. A player needs to be at least an average fielder; anything sub-par is unacceptable. Powar is not only slow in the field (and averse to diving around), but I’ve also seen him drop three catches (one of them an absolute dolly) in the four innings I’ve seen him bowl. Once saw him escort a ball to the boundary that could’ve easily been stopped with a slide. Until he improves his fielding standards, he should be left out.


3 Responses to “No room for Powar”

  1. sachin Says:

    What about Powar’s batting skills? He is a good allrounder and we saw a glimpse of it in only one match so far. Second, ODI stats are very very misleading. It doesn’t show you which over they come on to bowl, to which batsman you bowl and so many other details. To understand the true skill of a player, you need to use cricketing judgement. Powar is a superb bowler who bowls like Prasanna, isn’t afraid to flight the ball and gets you crucial wickets (like Inzamam, Pieterson etc). Yes, he is a bad fielder and must improve. Hopefully Chappell can fix that. That alone is not case for dropping him.

  2. Pratik Says:

    You make a good point, Sachin. It’s well taken. Stats don’t always tell the whole story, but what story do you think are they not telling here? Comparing him to Prasanna isn’t exactly working in his favor. Didn’t Prasanna himself have a torrid time outside the subcontinent?

    Allrounder implies good at fielding too, which he is clearly not. đŸ™‚ Make that four catches that he’s grassed now, btw, since he dropped another one in the second ODI against Pakistan at Abu Dhabi. Fielding is as important as batting and bowling. His poor fielding is undoing a lot of his good work in the other areas.

    Can’t comment about his batting from what little I’ve seen. Have to admit that there’s some potential there though. But Bhajji’s got as much potential too, no?

    The biggest point is we can’t really have two specialist spinners in an ODI team. ODI cricket doesn’t usually have slow, low turners like we’ve been seeing for the past few weeks. I doubt Powar will be half as effective outside the subcontinent. Not that Bhajji will be. But he certainly fields better. And until and unless Powar improves his fielding, he is the one who has to be left out when it comes to choosing between him and Bhajji.

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