Deteriorating quality at Cricinfo


Is it just me or does the quality of text commentary at Cricinfo seem to be going down? As an example, take Dravid’s run out in today’s game. Here’s what Cricinfo had to say:

13.5 Naved-ul-Hasan to Pathan, 1 run, WICKET, low fulltoss on the pads and Pathan flicks it away well in front of square leg, Malik moves across in the deep and fires in a good throw at the keeper’s end, Naved-ul-Hasan does the rest and Dravid is out by a long way – crucial breakthrough

Oh, really? The throw was at the bowler’s end. How could one miss something like that? And this is just one example. I’ve seen edged fours being defined as superb, steered shots and what not. Seriously? Another example’s when Pathan was reportedly caught by Afridi off a no ball. The commentary went on to describe that the umpire had his hand out rightaway. Funny thing is that it wasn’t a no ball, and Pathan was not given out because the ball had gone onto his helmet. This mistake was later corrected by the commentator, but still, how can you provide details about things that haven’t happened at all?

Cricinfo stores detailed information about each delivery (beyond what we’ve been used to in the past) and bases some of its stats on them. A while ago, they were doing an analysis of who were the best players in the world for each shot. Remember that? Well, how can they rely on such shoddy reporting?

I suppose we can’t complain though, since it’s free.


9 Responses to “Deteriorating quality at Cricinfo”

  1. Amar Says:

    Who cares…lol.
    Ok, wait, maybe u do. Tough luck!

  2. S Jagadish Says:

    Ok. The disclaimer is that I’ve done scoring while at Cricinfo. I too do find that the standards have dropped. It _is_ undoubtedly a tough job to do – being as uptodate as possible, typing out the descriptive commentary, doing justice to the description and being accurate. But I hope that it is just a passing phase, perhaps some experienced chaps quit and the new hires haven’t learnt yet etc.

  3. Ganesh Says:

    I agree with Jagadish’s views as I have also done that tough job of ball-by-ball commentary at CricInfo. My feel is that the accountability has gone down.

    A few blunders which caught my eye (all cricinfo’s)

  4. Pratik Says:

    The case you link to, Jagadish, was one of ignorance. The ones I mention are a case of negligence or poor observation. Except for that caught off a no ball thing, which seemed like one of fabrication.

  5. Pratik Says:

    BTW, Jagadish, I observed something interesting the other day. The text commentary at and was different. They had two different people commentating. Know anything about that? Is that the norm? Or maybe it’s because of the new site vs. the old site ( had the new content, still had the old theme).

  6. Amar Says:

    Again, don’t we have bigger things to worry about? Like Mr. Kaif’s horrific form or Sehwag’s cocky attitude (for God’s sake, lay off those cookies and get in shape) or Yuvraj’s three straight Man of the Series awards…
    Or the fact that the WC in ’07 could be one of the best tournys in cricket history with four premier teams in supreme form – Aussie, SA, India, and Pak.

  7. jahangir Says:

    Okay, I have a different take on this!

    I’d like to ask Jagadish and Ganesh as to how they got recruited at Cricinfo in the first place? I am from Pakistan and I also want to become an online commentator/scorer. I need help!! Can someone drop me an email at and let me know about the relevant procedures??????


  8. Lusidvicel Says:

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