Dravid shows boldness


Dravid has now become the first captain to take the second powerplay after the 25th over in an ODI. Currently, the 28th over is going on, and he hasn’t taken it yet. Whatever else it may be, everybody will agree this move is bold. I had been wanting some experimentation of this sort, and I like this move. Even though India might pay for it later on.

Pietersen’s at the crease, and quickly tiring. Taking a powerplay at this point might play right into his hands. Making him run for his runs would further tire him. He’s already played some shots trying to force the pace, rather than earn runs the hard way. India needs to persist with their strategy. If they can prise out his wicket soon, it’ll be a masterstroke.


6 Responses to “Dravid shows boldness”

  1. Pratik Says:

    And as I published this, Dravid took the second powerplay. Pietersen’s still there in the middle.

  2. Pratik Says:

    And I sent the last comment, Pietersen’s out.

  3. Nagraj Says:

    i think the bold move finally helped india.It was another great show by indians!

  4. Pratik Says:

    Interestingly enough, at the post-match presentation, Dravid mentioned exactly what I was talking about in this post. He was thinking along the same lines: tire Pietersen out since it gets very tough to bat once you’ve been out there for some time.

  5. Pratik Says:

    BTW, does anybody know when Ponting took the 2nd and 3rd powerplays in the game where SA chases 434? I didn’t find it on Cricinfo’s scorecard, but I suspect his 2nd powerplay might’ve come latest by the 22nd over (when Smith got out).

  6. Amar Says:

    I dont know when Ponting took the 2nd power play but I do know that he took the 3rd power play AFTER smith got out. 3rd PP began in the 23rd over. So, more than likely, he took the 2nd PP right after the first one.

  7. fleurant Says:

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