India v Eng 3rd ODI under way


And three things strike me immediately.

1) The pitch is awful.  There's NO bounce in some parts of the pitch.  A ball pitched halfway down the track is hardly a foot high when it reaches the batsman.

2) The boundary line has been brought in significantly.  That's harsh for the bowlers on any surface.  Nobody wants to see mis-hits go for sixes.  It makes even less sense when your opponents have big, strong players like Pietersen and Flintoff.

3) Agarkar is back!?  For the love of God, why?  And Dravid is opening?


2 Responses to “India v Eng 3rd ODI under way”

  1. Pratik Says:

    Hmm, looks like Pietersen is not playing. With the type of pitches and the number of English men out, this series is quickly turning into a farce.

  2. Amar Says:

    294 runs in 50 overs!! Well, looks like the pitch wasn’t as bad as everybody made it out to be. It just needed some application as Pathan, Dravid, Yuvraj and Raina showed.

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