Dravid proves me wrong


I was certain India wouldn’t play three spinners.  I wanted to see five bowlers, but not with three spinners.  What can I say?  I’m disappointed.


4 Responses to “Dravid proves me wrong”

  1. Nagraj Says:

    i think the main reason for going with three spinners is mainly due to the nature of the wicket at mohali which is very dry with lot of cracks already.

  2. Amar Says:

    I thought Mohali is regarded as a seaming pitch not a spinning one.

  3. Kartik Says:

    Well going in with 3 spinners wasnt that good a idea. However if you look from a broader view it might make sense. The only reason they did that is to have a look at Piyush Chawla. With Kumble going to retire soon and Harbhajan not in his prime stage(atleast for now), having a look at another spinner, who can perform for a long time, is a sensible move.

    You can always aruge that Piyush might have place when Kumble retires but the experience that he might get just by playing with him might prove to be invaluable. Overall not that bad a move.

  4. Pratik Says:

    In terms of the match, it’s been a terrible move. Chawla has made no contribution whatsoever. In a way, I’m glad India found out what they did and still’re on course to win the game. Making such a mistake in an important game could’ve proved costly. Of course, my argument is that such mistake should never have been made. There’s a more pressing need for some good pacemen in the team (with away tours coming up this summer) rather than spinners. I’m all for having Chawla learn from the other spinners in the dressing room, but giving him a cap when he’s played little competitive cricket was ludicrous.

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