Personal reminder


I have a tendency to share my passions (although some friends, for some absurd reason, would describe it as a tendency to force my passions upon them), and cricket is one of them. An article in the Sydney Morning Herald got me talking about cricket to one of my friends of Chinese origin (whom I had previously unsuccessfully tried to convert into a cricket fan). After a little debating (she was adamant that cricket would never pick up in China), we decided to put our money where our mouths were.

So, this post is simply to record a personal wager of USD2000. My claim is that in thirty years’ time (Dec. 2035) cricket will have become a popular sport (the definition of popular will be subjective, but hopefully the two of us will agree) in China. That’s a tough ask for a country where cricket is unknown to most and that has little or no grass-roots support for the sport, but I am counting on the “communist single-mindedness” of the Chinese.


2 Responses to “Personal reminder”

  1. sukhi Says:

    (Dont know if the earlier comment went thru)

    anyways, I’d agree with your friend. Dont see China in cricket by 2035. Cricket is played by very few countries, and I dont think they’ll see enough incentive either in terms of fun/”soft power” in entering that.

  2. Kartik Says:

    Hi, even I had told one of my chinese friend the same thing though there wasn’t any bet ( I should have placed one). Its gonna happen you will soon start to see cricket flourishing in China

    30 years is too far i think within 20 years its gonna be popular there however they might not make to the big league in that time and can only dream of beating India

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