The curse of the wagging tail


As always, India is frustrated by failing to bowl out the opposition’s tail. It’s lunch on day two of the first Test, and from an overnight score of 246/7, England are now nicely poised at 360/9, with Collingwood still going great guns. Today, however, Dravid clearly missed a trick, and it was his own doing that brought this upon India. The seamers were bowling quite well with the new ball, but he took them off and brought in Harbhajan and Kumble, both of whom have been lacklustre in this innings. The pitch clearly is not helping them much, and our seamers were moving the ball around. Why then the lack of faith in them? Especially when the ball was new? He brought Sreesanth on in the last over before lunch, and Collingwood immediately edged him through the vacant first slip area for four. Tsk, tsk, tsk. The two spinners combined have only really taken one wicket between them (when Harbhajan induced an edge from Bell). Flintoff was given wrongly out to Kumble and Harmison threw his wicket away by charging Harbhajan. Why then this over-reliance on spin?

A 350+ score is much more respectable then a lot of people are making it seem. Although the pitch is flat, there’s uneven bounce and the English seamers are can be a handful, with the ball reversing and what not. I hope India doesn’t rue this little lapse.


One Response to “The curse of the wagging tail”

  1. Amar Says:

    Certainly, Dravid miscalculated the tactics by bringing on the spinners. It was really bad captaincy by Dravid, who I think had a poor series as a skipper against Pakistan as well. On countless occasions, his field placings seemed to follow the ball. He did, however, had a good ODI series, but then again, Test cricket is the real deal. It’s easier to captain a side in a ODI.
    As I write this, India are on ropes at 190/6 at Lunch on day 3. Come again? Yes, you read it right. That’s not a typo. Everybody and their mother thought that India would just roll over the English side, which looks more like an A team than a senior circuit team. Now, lets see how India respond to such a crisis. England sure got themselves out of a self-inflicted hole, now it’s India’s time to stand up and rise to the occasion.
    This is a series that India not only has to win but win in a convincing fashion. For all the things that the Indian team have achieved in the past 4 months, it will all go for nought if they go on to lose against this English team at HOME. Dravid/Chappel keep talking about the “processes” but at some point the result (in the test arena) have to follow. With so much firepower in the team and abundant resources in a country of billion people, lack of results and inconsistency is absolutely unacceptable.

  2. marcus Says:


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