A fascinating winter turns unappetizing


It started with the Pakistan series.  Horrible pitches reduced what should have been a keenly-fought series among two fast-improving sides into a one-test farce.  Now, the other interesting contest of the winter is on the verge of unravelling with about half the English side missing.  With the Ashes winners having a spate of injuries and “personal problems” (I am surprised nobody still knows why Trescothick left), everything that I was looking forward to for the last few months is turning into ashes.  I was optimistic, even after getting the initial news of a few players being doubtful, because the English bowling attack was intact (The Indian batsmen are going miss Giles more than the English team, so he doesn’t count).  That meant we’d get to see how our batting line-up would fare against the bowling that brought the Aussies to their knees.  Not to be.  Jones is out now, and for the first time, I’m getting the feeling that this isn’t going to be worth my time and money.


4 Responses to “A fascinating winter turns unappetizing”

  1. Amar Says:

    You hit it right on the money. A combination of insanely high willow TV prices (for US viewers) and a not-so-sexy English line up just weren’t worth my time. Have you ordered the package?

  2. sukhi Says:

    The Pakis were scared of our bowlers and screwed Test Cricket. Two bad sessions of batting by our batsmen screwed the series up. The ODI series showed, literally the difference in the two sides.

    Anyways, the England tour isnt something I’m gonna go follow very eagerly. Will just read the morrow’s papers for scores. That should be enuf time allotted to it!

  3. Pratik Says:

    Well, the first test is now interestingly poised at day 3 lunch, with England having an upper hand. Maybe the series will be interesting after all.

  4. Amar Says:

    I just posted a comment in your “The curse of the wagging tail” section at the same time you posted yours.
    Yes, it will be an interesting series after all. Hopefully, not an embarassing one for the home side.

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