Cricket catching the eye of the American audience


Okay, maybe that’s an overstatement, but I can see early signs of cricket gaining prominence in the States. Not too long ago, some ad on TV (I think it was Coke or Gatorade or some such company) showed some Caribbean beach cricket being played. Just yesterday, I saw an ad for GE that showed some kids in whites playing cricket. Perhaps this is the beginning of something?

A quick search led me to this video (“Beats”) of kids playing cricket with the Taj Mahal as the backdrop. Not sure if this was the ad I saw on tv.


3 Responses to “Cricket catching the eye of the American audience”

  1. Amar Says:

    Well, they have been playing 2 second cricket highlights on ESPN sportscenter (US version) for a long time now. One time they even played a whole highlight on an Ind-SL match 5-6 years ago (when there was very little else going on in American sports).

  2. Pratik Says:

    Aah, cool. But this is mainstream tv. Recently, I also saw another brief cricket clip on national television. It was the clip of Ricky Ponting throwing a flying kiss to his wife after his double century at Adelaide against India being played during Kerry Packer’s funeral, which is actually the event being televised.

  3. Pratik Says:

    Looks like Bush is going to be attending a cricket game in India. In that case, there might be some more coverage.

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