Told ya so!


Time for me to shamelessly gloat about my astute discerning skills.

After the 4th ODI against Pak, people have gotten talking about RP Singh and Suresh Raina.  Both are terrific finds and I hope will be able to cement their place in this ODI side.  I blogged about Raina being the best fielder in this side, as well as about his brief batting display being impressive thus far.  Similarly, I had backed RP Singh by picking him for my test side for the Pak tour.

No brownie points for anybody who points to occasions where my discerning eye has let me down.


3 Responses to “Told ya so!”

  1. Amar Says:

    Don’t jump the gun just yet on R.P.Singh. There have been a myriad of medium pacers in the past decade that have shown promise for a brief period, only to fade away soon thereafter. Do names such as Abey Kuruvilla, Doda Ganesh, Debasish Mohanty, Harvinder Singh, etc. ring a bell?
    No doubt that if nurtured and brought along properly, he can be a good bowler for a long time. But, as I’ve been harping on my blog (and also yours), he needs to rectify the problems with wide balls. 10 wides, the # he bowled in the last game, is 10 too many in my opinion.
    About Raina, I mentioned the same thing on my blog that he needs to become a regular in the team (maybe in place of Kaif).

  2. Pratik Says:

    Yeah, of course, it’s too early for either one of those. But they’ve shown a lot of promise. And you can’t really compare RP Singh to all those listless bowlers you listed. More like Agarkar and Zaheer Khan, who showed a lot of potential early on, but have failed to live up to it and slipped into mediocrity (yet both find a spot in the current Indian team).

    I would like to think the wides was a one-off thing. But it does point to a fundamental problem in his bowling: lack of control. You don’t have to be McGrath, but at this level, you should be doing better than this. Anyway, hopefully he’ll work on it and fix it.

  3. Amar Says:

    True, maybe R.P.Singh has more potential than the bowlers I listed. We’ll see in the next couple of years.
    About his wides, well, it’s been a problem from the very first game. He bowls far too wide outside the off stump.

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