Inzy’s already making excuses


Read about it here.  Akhtar and Afridi are no greater a loss to Pakistan than Sehwag and Harbhajan are to India.  Strangely, Inzy’s tone reeks of resigned defeat.  That’s not good from the Pakistan point of view.  He’s lacking the fervor to win, and beating India’s going to be all the more difficult now.

This gives me another reason to call for him to be axed from the captaincy.  With due respect to his talent for hitting a ball, he’s, how do I put it mildly…cerebrally challenged (read: dumbass — okay, perhaps that’s too harsh).  It has been abundantly clear to me for quite some time now (from their last tour to India) that he doesn’t have the tactical nous to captain an international side.  He’s defensive on the field to a rule, and knows no other way of playing.  His calls about field placings, bowling changes and just about everything else have been baffling, and while Osman Samiuddin may think they bordered on masterstrokes (come on Osman, really), it was been quite lucid to me that they bordered on retardation.  If any further proof of his ineptness was needed, his comments after being given out obstructing the field should more than suffice.

What’s more, Inzy doesn’t come across as a natural leader either.  Sourav Ganguly, another cerebrally-challenged skipper, was at least capable of motivating and leading his side.  Especially when Pakistan has a good potential replacement in Younis Khan, I fail to see why nobody’s ringing the changes.  Is it because they don’t want to humiliate a Pakistani great by axing his captaincy?  Surely, if he could be dropped from the team altogether after one poor series (World Cup 2003), this can be no worse.  If Pakistan wants to have a realistic shot at the next World Cup, Inzy needs to be removed from the helm.  Plain and simple.


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