Deja vu?


India is doing quite well in the U-19 World Cup and is now expected to face Australia in the final. They beat West Indies to make it to the semi-final. And it seems they’re riddled with the same problems as their senior countrymen. As the senior team did in the first ODI against Pakistan, the junior team collapsed after a terrific start (209-1 in the 35th over) to end up with 284-9 at the end of 50. They’re all having problems capitalizing on a good start.

India and Australia have been in really good form in the tournament (the only two undefeated teams so far) and are the favorites to make it to the final. Any wagers on this junior version shaping out to be much like the senior World Cup 2003?


One Response to “Deja vu?”

  1. Amar Says:

    It looks like India and Australia will be battling for supremacy for a long time to come, which is good for international cricket. It will be interesting to see how many of the U-19 players make it to senior circuit in the coming years.

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