Spare a thought for my kind


And what kind is that, you ask? I speak for the cricket fandom in the US. We’ve come to terms with staying up odd hours to watch streaming pixels of dubious quality (or worse, follow text-based commentary on Cricinfo) and going to work all bleary-eyed the following day. No, we’re fine that. Just a test of our fervor for the game, we say. What irks me though, is how we get singled out time and again as potential targets to be looted. If you’ve ever been to Willow TV, you know what I am talking about: they charge US residents higher for watching cricket than the rest of the world. Why is that? And this is not a sole instance of the case. The 2005 Ashes DVD set (which I recently bought) is available for about £15, but the NTSC version (for N. America) comes in at US$40. There are similar instances of cricket magazines and what not.

So, do spare a thought for my kind. Being a cricket follower is an expensive hobby in the States.


One Response to “Spare a thought for my kind”

  1. Amar Says:

    Amen to that. It is utterly ridiculous how much they charge the US residents to watch cricket here in the States.

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