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Want to see a medley of some interesting (and some comedic) cricket moments? Or missed the recent Indian ODI against SA? Google it. I’ve discovered quite a few cricket videos on Google. It has a lot of memorable moments: from Warne’s ball of the 20th century to the complete highlights package of the 1999 World Cup semi-final between Australia and S. Africa.

If you condone the cheesy commentary, one of the better videos is a 40-min. feature of Tendulkar’s career. It’s informative and enjoyable, especially the first half: it shows a rare glimpse into the emergence of this batting icon. There’s an interview from before his playing days (when he was 15) where he mentions that he was ready to join the national team for their tour to the Caribbean.

Afraid of Marshall and Co.? I will have no problem facing Marshall.
Too young? No.
Raju Kulkarni’s the fastest bowler you’ve faced. How was it facing Kapil in the nets? He’s a good bowler too. I had no problems with his inswing or outswing.
You bowl as well? Yes, medium-pace. I will be bowling short spells only.

Interesting that he would term the premier paceman and leading wicket-taker in the country as “a good bowler too.” Another interesting bit was about his thoughts before his first tour of Australia in 1991-92.

I have seen a lot of video cassettes, and from that I can make out that the Australian wickets are very bouncy and fast. The ball comes on to the bat so you can play your strokes, and my game is to play a lot of strokes. So I think I’ll do fairly well.



2 Responses to “Google It”

  1. Aniruddh Gupta Says:

    Great Link…. thanks very much.

  2. Amar Says:

    Thanks for the links, Pratik. It was nice to revisit some of the videos.

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