Do not go gentle into that good night


Brian Charles Lara.  What a terrific cricketer.  We’ve seen many an awe-inspiring knocks from him over the years, and today’s was no different.  Far from flawless, but a brilliant innings nonetheless.  After being on the receiving end of several dodgy decisions in this series (3 in 4 innings), he launched a counter-attack of gargantuan proportions at Adelaide.  In his last Test in Australia, he raced to a double-hundred on the first day while his team-mates collapsed all around him, as they have done throughout this series.  There was a sense of poetry of this lone batsman making the last stand.  He passed 11,000 runs on the way as well and is now within striking distance of Border’s record.  At 36, he’s at the fag end of his career, yet he evokes a lot of hope when he walks out to bat.  Tomorrow beckons more.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.


2 Responses to “Do not go gentle into that good night”

  1. Amar Says:

    Indeed, a great performance from a true champion. The record is definitely in worthy hands, and it will equally be in deserving hands when another modern icon surpasses Lara. It’s just a matter of when and not if (provided Tendulkar stays healthy).
    On a sidenote, is it just me or does the umpires are put under tremendous pressure by the Aussies when standing in a Test match in Australia? It’s Lara this time and it was Sachin in ’03-’04 (the infamous Steve Bucknor series!!!). It’s about time that Ricky Ponting shuts up and quits bitching about ending up on the wrong end of a few decisions in the Ashes.

  2. Pratik Says:

    I don’t know what it is, but yes, the Aussies are the beneficiaries of a remarkable number of bad decisions over the years. I have ranted to you about this before. Maybe it’s their “warcry” of an appeal, or just that the umpires are subconsciously dazed by their supremacy. (Recall conversation from “Catch me if you can”: “Why do the Yankees always win?” Not because they have Mickey Mantle, but because the others can’t stop staring at the stripes.)

    Hence, my vehemence to use technology for decision-making.

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