Selectors have their say


The Indian selection panel has decided to go with a whole bunch of all-rounders to give our Test team a definitive edge over the competition. Who are these all-rounders? Well, along with Dhoni, Pathan and Agarkar, we now also have Sourav Ganguly (bowl avg: ~52; strike rate: ~94; 25 wickets). I figure, at that rate, Tendulkar (avg: ~48; strike rate: 86; 37 wickets), Veeru, Yuvraj, Kumble, Harbhajan and even Dravid (bowl avg: 39) can be considered all-rounders. So we have a total of 10 all-rounders on the team. What a team! With a bagful of all-rounders, we can now crush a full-strength Australian team.

To be fair, the selectors had a lot of pressure to deal with, and they probably picked Ganguly knowing fully well that Chappell and Dravid won’t be caving in to any external influences, if there are any at all. I’m just glad they didn’t wilt under any pressure when picking the captain. Ganguly will now have to suffer the ignominy of being the 12th man and carrying drinks for the team! Actually, his fielding not being up to snuff, he probably won’t be picked at all.

All’s well with the Indian cricket team.


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