The Gentle Giant


Inzy remains one of the elite batsmen in contemporary cricket, and one of my favorites.  His stoic demeanor, intimidating presence, unphased temperament and languid grace make him a fascinating sight on a cricket pitch.  Mike Selvey pays his homage to this last of the breed non-conformist in this humorous piece.

The king of taking it easy


4 Responses to “The Gentle Giant”

  1. Amar Says:

    Haha!! I like the title “The king of taking it easy”. The one thing that I will always remember about the “Big Potato” is the time he went into the crowd to stick up for himself in Toronto (Sahara Cup). That was hilarious.

    But, on a serious note, if he had ever taken care of his body even a little bit he could have been in the class of a Sachin or a Lara. Unfortunately, he chose not to.

  2. Zainub Says:

    It’s not a matter of him choosing to be like he is – he is innately like he is now: big. And too much is often made of his weight, I personally love him just the way he is, and anything but a heavy Inzi would be unacceptable to me so used to have I become to this figure of his.

    But the thing I love about his batting most is how much time he seems to have to play his shots. That is why he is such a good player of both fast and spin bowling, he plays both very late, after having allowed the ball to do what ever it wants, and that’s a sign of great batsmanship.

    The best thing any one ever wrote about Inzi IMHO was when Osman Samiuddin (from Cricinfo) described him as some one who “bats like a mountain but scores like a river”.

    PS: Thanks for your comment on Sundries Partick, I didn’t hide my blog, just that when I came to Line and Length for the first time, Sundries had not begun by then!

  3. Raja Says:

    I think he is a good cricketer, though I find it hard to believe that he can be so poor against Australia.

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