Sri Lankan fans must have been hoping for a Red Sox-like comeback from their national cricket team.  It was not to be, and now both South Africa and India have clean-swept their higher-ranked opponents.  South Africa, in fact, has won their last 12 ODIs.  The two teams meet next in a 5-ODI series and it should be exciting.

I wonder what was the thinking behind having Virender Sehwag as Dravid’s deputy?  Sehwag is a wonderful cricketer and not one phased by opponents’ reputations.  However, he doesn’t come across as a thinker or a particularly good strategist.  He can’t be termed disciplined, nor is he a good media person.  Was he appointed vice-captain simply because of the lack of a better option?

In one of my recent posts, I spoke about the English media panning BCCI for picking relatively unknown venues.  Mike Selvey now joins the castigation with some more accusations.  What stands out for me from his piece is that England had agreed to 4 tests and 5 ODIs and the Indian board dropped a test in favour of 2 more ODIs.  Grrr.  This board is doing a disservice to Indian cricket in so many ways (this case just being one of them) that it ought to be torn apart and rebuilt from scratch.

Duncan Fletcher makes an asinine excuse for dropping Thorpe from the Ashes in this article.  If he felt Pietersen was indisposable, Bell should have made way for Thorpe; but he dismisses that option saying he wasn’t comfortable with him playing at number four.  Thorpe had the most stand-out performance the previous season, has contributed so much to English cricket and he was meted out such shoddy treatment from the board and the team management (he complained, not of being dropped, but of no communication from the management to that end).  I know that’s in the past and England managed to win the Ashes despite Bell’s inexperience and incompetency, but I just had to vent my anger at the decision that was made.  Thorpe deserved a better farewell.


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